Yoga for Charity – Bedford Playhouse

The Bedford Playhouse has been selected for our next Yoga for Charity fundraiser classes. Present Wisdom is hosting two  community yoga classes on Thursday March 31st to benefit this amazing charity and their great work. Let’s do yoga in the playhouse!!

Alka Kaminer will be leading 2 fun and nourishing yoga classes to benefit the Bedford Playhouse. Hatha Yoga at 10am and Chair Yoga at 12:30pm, each class is 60 minutes. Both classes are being taught hybrid (in-person and virtually on-line).

Hatha yoga uses bodily postures, breathing techniques and meditation techniques to cultivate a sound, healthy body and a clear, peaceful mind. A consistent Hatha practice develops a supple spine, strong core, and increased flexibility and balance.

Chair Yoga – Using a stationary chair you move through yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation to strengthen, increase flexibility and promote healing.

Register for Yoga for Charity at the Bedford Playhouse

  • Scroll down to March 31st
  • Select whether you want in-person or virtual and the type of class: Hatha Yoga 10am or Chair Yoga 12:30pm

In-person class (Hatha or Chair) fee $17 for playhouse members and $20 for non-members (limit 20 people)

Virtual class (Hatha or Chair) fee $8.50 for playhouse members and $10 for non-members

All proceeds go to Bedford Playhouse.

Bedford Playhouse

Celebrating 75 years in our community, the Bedford Playhouse is a state of the art non-profit arts, film and cultural center located in Bedford, NY. The playhouse features a full bar, gourmet cafe, and showcases provocative and exciting programming!
More information about Bedford Playhouse is available at:

Present Wisdom

Present Wisdom offers yoga and meditation to increase the health and happiness of others. PWC provides live personalized online classes where you connect with the teacher, other students and practice in community. We are a group of dedicated yoga and meditation instructors collaboratively serving Westchester NY and beyond.