Yoga for Healthy Bones

New 4 Week Online Series x2

Designed for postural alignment, neuromuscular awareness, muscle and bone strength, and coordination and balance.

Join Nannette Wasserman, E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP

Tuesdays 5:30pm EST – 9/26, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24

or Fridays 9:30am EST – 10/27, 11/3, 11/10, 11/17

Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

Osteoporosis, or its precursor, osteopenia is a major health concern for women over 50, causing more than 700,000 spinal fractures and more than 300,000 hip fractures each year in the United States.

It’s Not Too Late To Build Bone!

Yoga poses that are weight bearing and challenge opposing muscles help stimulate osteocytes, the bone making cells. Yoga puts more pressure on bones than gravity alone. Spinal fractures can result from poor posture. Yoga is excellent for improving range of motion, muscle strength, coordination, balance, and reduced anxiety, all of which contribute to the ability to stay upright and not fall. By cultivating proper alignment and improving stability, one can greatly reduce the risk of a serious fracture.

4 Week Series

In this 4 week series, you will be guided through a series of yoga poses, sequences, breathwork and relaxation techniques specifically designed for:

  • Week 1: Postural Improvement: cultivate proprioception (knowing where your body is in space), understand and experience pelvic placement (anterior tilt, posterior tilt, pelvic neutral). Understand the importance of spinal extension versus spinal flexion. Discuss spinal compression and how to counteract the effects of aging. Learn practical daily habits to elongate the spine including axial extension.
  • Week 2: Neuromuscular Awareness: understand and integrate the necessary actions of the muscles in the body by feeling them work, not by imitating a shape. Experience “good stress”, the difference between compressive stress and tensile stress and how it feels in the body.
  • Week 3: Muscle and Bone Strength: discuss Wolff’s Law (bones are strengthened by what we ask them to do). Experience a yoga practice that increasingly requires more muscular activation in order to strengthen the surrounding bone.
  • Week 4: Coordination and Balance: Fall Prevention!
    Postural alignment, neuromuscular awareness, muscle and bone strength and coordination are all key components of fall prevention. Learn ways to practice coordination and balance on and off the mat.

Props needed: yoga mat, two foam blocks, yoga strap, wool or cotton blanket.

Empowering Healthy Living for All Ages

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