Realizing the Desires of Your Heart

Aligning with Your Heart’s Desire

90 minute online discussion focusing on identifying what you want and what’s in the way. You will be gracefully guided into clarifying your heart’s desire and uncovering what is obstructing the realization of that desire.

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By Janice Campbell

What I Really Wanted

I’ve always wanted to be a mom. I wasn’t interested in a career. It felt like something I had to do before I could get what I really wanted. By the time I was in my late 20’s most of my high school friends were married and starting families. When we would get together, I would hear these words coming out of my mouth, “I don’t care if I get married, I love my job.” Wrong! I was completely bored being a CPA and I longed to settle down and raise a family. Why was I lying?

I was embarrassed. I didn’t want to let on that I was afraid. Afraid I wouldn’t meet someone. Afraid I would become too old to have children. Afraid I was too picky. Afraid no one would want to marry me. Somehow keeping up that façade was more important to me at the time than being honest with my friends and especially with myself.

Three children and a 31-year marriage later, what changed the track I was on was awareness. I went to a human empowerment retreat and there was an activity where we could leave what we no longer wanted on the mountain. I left both being single and dating noncommittal men on the mountain and admitted the truth. “I want to get married and have a family”. That decision rewired my brain. In an instant, everything became clear and shortly thereafter I got off the track of not getting what I want and onto the track of realizing my heart’s desire.

Spiritual Principles

As I reflect on that situation, I can see the working of spiritual principles. Spiritual principles are fundamental truths, they are the way the Universe works. Whether we follow these principles, are unaware of them or ignore them, they are present and impact our lives. They’re like gravity. They are at play regardless of the culture we were born into, the country we live in, our family, our circumstances, etc. These principles are working behind the scenes. They are not visible so it’s easy to discount their importance in our life.

We’re so conditioned to live backwards. Once I …..then I….. Once I get everything figured out on the physical plane then I deserve to be who I am and have what I want. The Once I… then I….keeps our life on hold while we wait. Living a spirit driven life is very different than living a worldly driven life. A worldly life focuses on self-improvement and has us looking to the physical plane for direction, guidance, approval and permission. In a life guided by spiritual principles we live from the inside/out beginning with our wholeness. Listening within and then aligning our thoughts, words and actions with the inspiration we are receiving.

Conflict Within Us

What blocks receiving our heart’s desire is very often the inner conflict within us. Our soul is in battle with the appearances of the world. You’ll notice the conversation of your soul and the worldly conversation are quite different. Your soul conversation is loving, kind, generous, open, expansive, inclusive, joyful and infinite. The worldly conversation is often the yes, but conversation. Who are you to……, what makes you think you can……, you’re selfish, greedy, you’re full of yourself, etc. We’re trying to reconcile this conflict. What should I be listening to? I want to be a good person, not a bad person. I want to do the ‘right’ thing. This is what keeps us stuck living within mixed messages. There is a desire in our heart and then, in an attempt to protect ourselves and others, our thoughts, words and actions align with something other than what we truly want.

Mixed Messages

When our mixed messages have us sending out the energy of what we don’t want, we can’t be surprised when we receive a mixed result back. Remember these are spiritual principles. They’re not based on how nice we are or how hard we’re working. We are actually the ones, usually unconsciously, blocking our good and then we distract ourselves with the evidence we’ve gathered to justify why we’re not experiencing what we want. This can be so slippery and often our friends and loved ones are quick to commiserate because they care about us and don’t want us suffering alone.

To realize your heart’s desire you have to tune out the noise of the world. No one on the planet knows what your soul is communicating to you. No one knows the deepest desires of your heart. From my over thirty years of working with people and being on this spiritual journey of trying to understand our relationship with the Divine, I’ve learned how blessed we all are and the good we have access to.

I’m not saying we’ve all been blessed on the physical plane. Many people have been exposed to extreme hardships and radical unfairness on the physical plane. True equality does not and will never arise from the physical plane because the duality, of good and evil, is built in. This duality is not present on the spiritual plane and that is where everything gets created. The beauty of life is everyone has equal access to this truth and the goodness that lives within them.

True Desires

Circling back to spiritual principles, one of my favorites is that you wouldn’t feel the desire in your heart if it wasn’t yours to claim. As Emily Cady in her book Lessons in Truth says, “Desire is God knocking at the door of your consciousness with its infinite supply.” There is no reason to be afraid or embarrassed about the desires of your heart. I’ve also learned that these desires are not just for your joy, happiness and satisfaction. When you allow your true desires to be realized they ripple out and benefit everyone in your sphere of influence and beyond. It’s how you personally bring heaven to earth.

If you listen carefully to your true desires, you’ll notice they do come from Source. They’re loving, generous and beneficial to others. The voice of our fears, or the worldly perspective, include judgments toward ourselves and others, comparisons, duality — better than, worse than, ahead, behind, too old, not enough …

Realize Our Heart’s Desire

What I love about life is that we are perfectly designed to realize our heart’s desire. Once we disentangle from the expectations of others or what we believe we ‘should’ be or do, the splashing water stills and we can hear once again. Our desires are the expression of what we are. Attempting to snuff out our desires leads to a compromised life resulting in frustration and resentment that doesn’t benefit anyone.

Your desires may be bubbling close to the surface, or you may have buried them long ago. It doesn’t matter. They haven’t gone anywhere. Their form may have changed over the years, but the essence of your desires are timeless and eternal. I believe our deepest desire is to be what we are, and our greatest fear is that we can’t be. However, the fear that we can’t be what we are lives on the physical plane; and therefore, is not based in truth. You can live the deepest desire of your heart. It is awaiting your recognition and acceptance.


In the upcoming workshop there will be exercises to explore your heart’s desire. It may be identifying the desire; or if you have a strong unfulfilled desire, we can uncover the mixed messages that are standing in the way of the realization of your desire. You’ll also deepen your understanding and compassion for yourself as to why it may be challenging for you to allow your desires.

Janice Campbell

Janice Campbell has been working as a spiritual coach and teacher for the past 30 years. She began working professionally as a CPA and Certified Financial Planner in 1980. Working intimately with people and their finances, she realized money alone was never going to satisfy a person’s desire to be and express their true nature. To experience that level of freedom an integration of both spiritual and practical principles are required. 

Janice is the creator of the Receive Your Life system. The program is unique in that it’s not a one size fits all. It is specifically designed to reveal your version of a soul satisfying life.

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