Inner Renewal Yoga and Wellness Day Retreat

Come join us on this beautiful journey of self-discovery and inner renewal as we embrace the tranquility & magic of fall together.

Saturday Oct. 14th, 9am-5pm – Pleasantville, NY

$25 Early Bird Discount until Oct. 1st, limited spots

Explore the depths of discovery and wonder!

Experience the transformative power of yoga, chair yoga, meditation, sound healing and a shamanic healing circle to deepen your connection with nature and yourself. Lunch from Root 2 Rise NY included.

Retreat Schedule

  • 9:00am Check-in
  • 9:30am Gentle Yoga or Chair Yoga (your choice), with Meditation
  • 10:45am Coffee / Chai Break
  • 11:15am Sound Healing Bath with Meg Pressman
  • 12:30pm Nourishing lunch by Root 2 Rise NY (Vegan & Gluten Free)
  • 1:30pm Optional Walking Meditation
  • 2:00pm Shamanic Healing Circle with Gloria DeMarchis
  • 4:45-5:00pm Closing Gratitude Circle

Gentle Yoga with Palma or Chair Yoga with Alka

Start the retreat by taking either a Gentle Yoga with Palma or Chair Yoga with Alka. Both classes are for 75 minutes and include meditation.

Gentle Yoga

Relax and rejuvenate. Coordinate movement with breath to flow through a sequence of gentle poses, soothing the mind, increasing flexibility, and building strength. Release stress and anxiety and increase body awareness.

Palma Manners is a founding instructor at Present Wisdom. As a Montessori Teacher, Palma brought yoga into the classroom as a fun way to engage with students. She saw the benefit of students connecting to their body and their senses: listening to cues externally as well as internally. Yet it was not until 2005 that Palma became a regular yoga practitioner. When physically she could no longer run she turned to yoga to heal. Through yoga she learned the importance of working the body as a whole, and moving with intention. Her practice is inspired by mindful transitions while engaging the breath – the dance between effort and ease, control and surrender.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga offers you the ability to improve your health through an amazing form of adaptive exercise. While supported by a chair you can receive yoga’s healing and restorative benefits that have been known for thousands of years. Yoga relaxes your body and mind, improves your musculoskeletal fitness and flexibility, and elevates your overall health and well-being.

Alka Kaminer is a co-founder of the Present Wisdom. Alka has been a dedicated student of yoga since 1998, during which she became a certified yoga teacher in various styles including: Hatha, Chair Yoga, Yoga for Arthritis and Restorative Yoga. She also teaches various types of meditation (breathe, mantra, mindfulness). She strives to help cultivate happiness and health through her yoga and meditation teachings. Alka aspires to bring an energetic approach to movement and a quiet dedication in service to meditation and restorative work. She loves that there is something for everyone, all levels of experience and any level of physical fitness.

Quartz Crystal Sound Healing led by Meg Pressman

Eight Quartz Crystal Bowls, tuned to the key of C, and the frequency of 432hz, creates sound waves that produce deep calm and comforting effects that synchronize our cellular structure. These sound waves travel through structures, and space, including our bodies, bones and muscles, and continue on throughout the entire universe restoring peace and balance within.

  • Naturally helps release stress and eases anxiety
  • Releases serotonin and endorphins that stabilize heart rate and blood pressure
  • Releases toxins and energy blockages
  • Restores harmony to our physical, emotional and mental states

*This session will also include other instruments: chimes, rain drum, tuning forks and various instruments. Please bring a notebook to record your insights and sensations after the session.

Meg Pressman is a lifelong student, teacher, and practitioner of diverse healing arts, she had had the blessing and good fortune to offer her services throughout the Hudson River Valley for the past twenty-six years. Meg has been a healing arts professional since 1993. She graduated from The Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy in New York City in 1997. In addition to practicing in Ossining, Meg’s therapeutic outreach includes The Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital (Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, and 16 years with Phelps Memorial Hospital, Palliative Care and Hospice 2002-2018.

Nourishing Lunch for the Body & Soul by Root 2 Rise NY

Root 2 Rise NY is a full service cafe, bakery, and cold press juice bar in Pleasantville, NY. 

Everything in the cafe is gluten free, vegan, 100% plant based, locally sourced, and organic. Their food contains no processed ingredients, no preservatives, no refined sugar, and no cheap oil. All our baked goods, menu items, cold pressed juices & smoothies are made fresh daily. The menu is based on global cuisine – while Indian inspired, they have dishes to suit every palate. They also offer custom cold pressed juice growlers for cleanses.

Chefs Jyoti Tewani and Michael Kagan believe food is the most powerful tool we have to take control of our health. They bring you the nourishment of plant powered Mother Earth; completely hormone & cruelty free.

Shamanic Healing Circle led by Gloria DeMarchis

A shamanic healing circle is a communal gathering led by a shaman or shamanic practitioner with the intention of facilitating healing, spiritual connection, and transformation for the participants. The specific practices and rituals within a shamanic healing circle can vary depending on the tradition, the shaman’s background, and the needs of the participants.

In the indigenous tradition the Shaman believed that all of us have a Power Animal who can act as a guide and help us to live a more integrated life.  The circle provides a safe place to not only explore that possibility but also to see which animal will be your teacher and how the SPIRIT of that animal can be consciously incorporated into you daily life.  What are it’s strengths and what are its weaknesses and how do they reflect and manifest themselves in our lives and the world around us.

Gloria DeMarchis LCSW, ACSW is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Family Therapist.  She is also a Shaman and retired Yoga teacher and a Spiritual Director.  She has been on both National and Local TV and radio and a guest lecturer on a variety of  topics on self-healing.  She has traveled extensively studying the healing practices of the Native Americans and the African and Peruvian Shamans.  She has been conducting Shamanic Healing Circles since the  80”s.

Retreat Information and Discount Code

Saturday Oct. 14th 9am-5pm


Pleasantville Presbyterian Church
400 Bedford Rd., Pleasantville, NY 10570

Bring Your Own Props:

  • Yoga Mat
  • 2 Blocks
  • 1-2 Blankets
  • Journal (optional)

*Limited to 25 participants

*Cancelation policy – no refunds within 48 hours

Please email us with any questions or food allergies

Early Bird $25 Discount – use code “RETREAT23”, good until Oct. 1st