Yoga for Chronic Pain


Learn to find the thread to connect breath and movement for management of pain. Yoga is defined as to join or unite. When facing pain the synchronicity of breath and movement can be disrupted. 

Saturday March 19th 2-3:30pm EST 

by Thomas Assumma

The beautiful thing about being human is that we can move, experience our bodies, and journey towards health. In this journey our body, mind and nervous system can become exposed and vulnerable to trauma causing chronic pain.

Pain can show itself many forms. It can be limited to a certain body part (i.e hips, neck) or be full body and systemic (i.e., fibromyalgia). We might describe pain as muscle spasm, tightness, dull, aching, throbbing, weakness, and sensitive. Symptoms of pain that last longer than six months are associated as being chronic, symptoms of pain less than 6 months are more acute. Example of acute pain might be the pain you feel right after a fracture or sprain. Chronic pain can have more systemic symptoms and sometimes the mind can be impacted causing PTSD, anxiety and depression which can interfere with the healing process. Either way the approach to being in control and managing pain is accomplished by training the physical and mental body to become stronger, focused and more pliable.

Healing Bond

The mind and body connection are a powerful healing bond that can propel us into a healthier version ourselves. It is through neuroplasticity where we can begin retraining the muscle, the brain, and the nervous system to create new pathways and override the pain patterns. In yoga we are using the muscles and exposing the muscles to train them how to move and be strong again in a way that is more conducive to your well-being.

In the practice of yoga there is the physical practice (asanas/poses) and the mental practice (mindfulness/breathing). It is the goal to be able to unite these practices for greater self-awareness and a deeper state of consciousness. By doing this we can start to nourish an environment which enables change.

Pace Yourself

Pain is painful and uncomfortable to move through, we must know when we can introduce more stimuli and when we have our exposed ourselves to much, so the idea of pacing is very important. The amazing thing about Yoga is the practice of pranayama (breathe regulation). Pranayama has a profound impact on our nervous system, it can teach us to introduce more of the rest and digest (parasympathetic nervous system) and move out of the fight and flight (sympathetic nervous system). With stillness of the mind the body can accept the information we have begun to feed it. Being able to interact with thoughts, our tightness and weakness and allowing us to break negative patterns for a stronger, healthier, more mobile, and functional version of you.

I am someone who has dealt with acute and chronic pain. I have experienced the heaviness it can carry and impact who we are and what we hope to do, but I am also someone who has been able to seek the help, support, and skills I needed to learn from my lessons. I have been afforded the opportunity to create the physical and mental body which will carry me in away is conducive to my lifestyle.

A Skills Workshop

ln this workshop you will learn breathing techniques to create awareness and quiet the nervous system by using poses for stretching, mobilizing, and strengthening the muscles. Experience how to synchronize the breath with movement to aid in pain management. Helping to reduce inflammation and cope with pain mentally.

I invite you to join me and acquire the skills and tools that are essential to create a physical and mental version of yourself which will enhance your overall well-being.

“Pain can put shade on our light, but with routine and practice we can step outside the shade and shine bright”

Props needed: yoga mat and yoga blocks.