Yoga for Charity – Neighbors Link

Neighbors Link has been selected for our Yoga for Charity’s fundraiser class for July. Join us for a fun chair yoga class on Friday July 17th at 12pm (est) to benefit this amazing charity and their vital work.

Neighbors Link

Neighbors Link is a non-profit organization based in Westchester County, NY. Their  mission is to strengthen the whole community through the healthy integration of immigrants. In practice, this involves English language education, legal services, advocacy, workforce development, parent education, early childhood programs and especially now during COVID-19, direct support with food and other crisis services. More information about Neighbors Link is available at:

Yoga for Charity Class

Alka Kaminer will lead us through a healthy and fun hour of exercise and grounding. All you need is a sturdy chair (no wheels), anyone can do it and no experience is needed. Alka is a certified yoga teacher with specializations in Chair Yoga.

Chair yoga offers you the ability to improve your health through an amazing form of adaptive exercise. While supported by a chair you can receive yoga’s healing and restorative benefits that have been known for thousands of years. Yoga relaxes your body and mind, improves your musculoskeletal fitness and flexibility, and elevates your overall well-being.

Donate & Register (2 steps)

1- Donate
The suggested donation for this class is $10. Proceeds will be donated to Neighbors Link to support their mission.
Double your impact with a $20 donation or even larger!
Please make your donation through Paypal (credit cards are accepted) by clicking the “Donate” button.

2- Register
After making your donation you will be forwarded the event registration.

Contact us if you prefer to donate using a different payment method.

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