Tips for Healthy Holidays

Magical time of the year

The holiday season is a magical time of the year that we spend connecting with friends and family, sharing food and drinks, and exchanging gifts. The holidays can also come with stress and anxiety, which makes it challenging to remember the true meaning of the holiday season- being present in the moment with peace, love and laughter.

5 tips for healthy holidays

1- Set an intention.
Set an intention to take time out for yourself. To be patient, positive and offer gratitude.
Clear Intentions: Help us achieve our goals
Loving Intentions: Melt away doubt
Focused intentions: Keep us grounded in the present moment
Positive Intentions: Lead to a positive attitude
Grateful Intentions: Lead to Abundance 

2- Practice Yoga & Meditation.
Carve out time for yourself, even if its 15mins a day.
Committing to doing things for yourself daily will continue to revitalize your overall health and create good habits which take time to build.

3- Drink Water.
It’s important to keep yourself hydrated.
It’s easy to forget to drink when the weather is cold, or when you are indulging in more food and drink than usual.
Drinking lots of water is an efficient way to detoxify the body.

4- Take a deep breath.
A few times a day take time out to pause and take a few deep breaths to encourage a calm and centered presence.
Bringing awareness to your breath can reduce stress, increase alertness and boost your immune system.

5- Enjoy the season!
Remember to enjoy yourself and release judgements. Don’t beat yourself up if you eat too many holiday cookies or overindulge.
Be proud of your accomplishments, regardless of how many or often you practice these holiday tips.

Bringing it together

Enjoy your family, friends and yourself. Appreciate all the wonderful moments you create with your healthy mind & body. Be present in the moment with peace, love and laughter.

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