Stepping Inside


An hour of self-care that with Stepping Inside’s author, Serene Shaleen.

January 20th at 7pm EST.  Learn tools to begin your spiritual practice and experience a relaxing guided meditation. 

A daily inspirational journey of spiritual strengthening

Stepping Inside is a daily inspirational journey of spiritual strengthening utilizing emotional growth.  The thoughts and acronyms help you observe, reflect, and perhaps transform the reader’s way of thinking. The messages are positive, affirming, loving, and full of hope.  Each day provides a morning and evening meditation designed to help you realize your true potential as a spiritual being having human characteristics. Let the readings inspire positive thinking.  Let a path of positive thoughts lead you to positive words and actions.

Let the discovery begin

What my hope for the book is – that each one who reads and/or writes in the book – which becomes their book – truly steps inside themselves to jot down 
their intentions/gifts of gratitude – reflects from time to time on their own writings and sees their journey of spiritual growth take shape – For me the most important is to re-read your thoughts and see who you were when you wrote them and who you are today – who best to acknowledge your growth than YOU!
This daily inspirational journey is about self-discovery and building spiritual muscle and becoming whomever you are meant to be.

About me, Serene Shaleen

Shaleen is a CPA who runs her husband’s busy medical practice and one of my passions is to lead guided meditations.  Since March 17, 2020, she has been hosting guided meditations on ZOOM three times a day, seven days a week.

Her book and other spiritual goodies, like the Serenity Box, are available for purchase online at

The book is also available online at and

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