Pranayama Yoga


Learn about the ancient and holistic technique of pranayama yoga for vital life force energy.

February 23rd & March 2nd at 7pm EST. Practice simple breathing techniques that can be used in daily life. 

by Manjula Khanna Pranayama Yoga is the ancient practice of controlling the flow of the life force into our bodies through the breath. In Sanskrit, “prana” means ‘vital life force’, and “yama” means ‘to gain control’. Pranayama uses deliberate control of the breath in order to extend and expand vital life force energy.

Cultivating balance and wellness in body and mind

ManjulaExperiences in life can cause stagnation in our system whereby this energy becomes blocked. When prana becomes weak or builds up in an imbalanced way, we experience fatigue, lethargy and lack of direction. This may be experienced as a general feeling of low energy, but it is also understood to be the root cause of disease.

In yoga, prana is symbolized by the breath, a tool through which it can be controlled, manipulated and moved. It is an integral aspect of yoga, often incorporated into asana practice or used as a preliminary step for meditation. For thousands of years, yogis have developed techniques to work with this energetic system through the practice of Pranayama, as a means of cultivating balance and wellness in body and mind. Modern medicine also recognizes Pranayama as “Science of Breath”.

Pranayama Techniques

Pranayama techniques focus on one or more of the four parts of the breath:

  1. Inhalation (puraka)
  2. Internal retention (antara-khumbaka)
  3. Exhalation (rechaka)
  4. External retention (bahya-khumbaka)
A regular Pranayama practice stimulates the parasympathetic system, reduces stress, improves oxygen saturation and re-balancing of the nervous system, and enhances mental clarity leading to ‘meditative state’ of mind.


In this Workshop you would learn many Pranayama techniques, such as Ujjai (Victorious Breath), Bhastrika (Bellows breath). Nadi Shodhan (Alternate Nostril breath) and few more to eliminate stress, transform negative emotions to support the whole physiology. The practice is done by sitting on a chair or on yoga mat on floor. No prior experience is needed, all are welcome.

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