Photography is a passion of mine.

It’s a hobby I love that allows me to be creative. My father loves to take pictures and gave me my own camera when I was very young. We traveled a lot around the East coast of the U.S. and Canada by car and we made some wonderful memories took some great pictures.

I have had spiritual Hindu leaders ask me, “Why is a photograph so important”?, “Doesn’t it make you think of the past and take you away from the present moment”?

Although I see there point, to me there is nothing as special as catching a moment, a glimpse of time from the viewer’s perspective. Many people can be looking at the same object; however the photo could be tremendously different. That appreciation for the diversity is truly awe inspiring for me. In addition, I find that in some photos, words are just not needed.

Each individual takes from it what they want or need at that moment. I find that when I look at photos from the past I don’t attach myself to when, how, where the photo was taken. I admire it as a piece of art.

I love to travel and wanted to share the photos of some of the beautiful places I have been, even my own back yard. The Earth is a beautiful place and we are co-creators in its evolution. People, buildings and nature are truly inspiring to me.

Photography for me is a practice of expressing and sharing gratitude.

May my photos offer inspiration in a way that is unique to you.
Share with me what you see.