Palma Manners – King Dancer

Meet Palma Manners, Present Wisdom’s yoga teacher of month – June 2021. Palma shares her favorite yoga pose King Dancer.

Palma’s Favorite Pose: Natarajasana – King Dancer

Why I love King Dancer Pose

This pose honors the Lord of the Dance, Nataraja and it embodies grace and beauty. A lot of the work we do today requires us to sit hunched over our computers, creating tighter hips, shoulders, and poor posture in general. When I practice yoga I am aiming to release my tight hips, and open the shoulders and front body to improve my posture. This is why I love King Dancer pose, it is the counter pose to our daily work and posture. This is a pose that strengthens, lengthens and opens the body in many ways. It is an all encompassing pose: it stretches the shoulders, chest, hamstrings, hip flexors (psoas muscles), lower back and the arms, as well as strengthens the legs, improves balance and core strength.  Each time I practice this pose I am looking for ways to go deeper, but mostly, when I am in King Dancer, I feel joy.

How Do I Take it Off The Mat

The success of the pose is all in the prep work. As you warm up and build to the peak, a lot of work goes into stretching and strengthening (half of the fun). It is a practice where the more you prep the more you get out of it, no matter what variation you choose. This pose requires deep focus and strength, and as a heart opener it challenges you to confidently lead with the heart, and off the mat what better way to meet life head on.

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