Grounding for the change in seasons and ourselves

IMG_3800As I look outside and realize that spring is in the air, I think about how Mother Nature has had other plans for us.  It’s been a cold winter and cold early spring.  It’s as if Mother Nature is saying it’s not yet time to come out and play.
Hold off little flowers, and abundant sunshine makes sure you have taken stock of what is inside.  Make sure your roots and foundations are firmly planted before you come out in full bloom. 
When we are fortunate to get a few warm days, we get excited, our energy levels increase, we smile more, and we want to be outside, because we can feel its time to come out as the crocus’s and daffodils start to show the first signs.  Even on days like this we need to find the stillness, to tap within.

When I think about this, I think about Yoga and life.  In yoga it is so important to find the right stability, and foundation before you open to grace and expand to come into full bloom.  When we take the time to meditate and find the inner quiet we can find the strength we need to be strong and stable to fully expand and create space.  Once space is created we can then take in and fully express what the universe has to offer.

This is the yoga of life.  Take time out to reflect, be self aware, and take stock of what is truly important to you.  Follow your truth, then and only then, can we bloom.