I like to read all kinds of books not just ones with a spiritual message.  Reading can be a great escape into another world.  Recently I read “The Perfume Collector” by

dream sculptureKathleen Tessaro and it was a wonderful read.  Fast paced and easy great for summer time reading, but even in this type of literature we can find something meaningful.  I did not have to stop and write down notes, or underline the books, to be able to read a book from cover to cover without stopping has its own benefits.   The Perfume Collector is a story about a woman who is unhappily married and is realizing that her doubts about herself are keeping her from her passion and gift.   And because she is not following her dharma (define dharma here) she is unhappy.   She is left a large sum of money in an inheritance from someone she doesn’t know in Paris.  She goes on a quest to find out who has left her this money and why.  In this process she finds out about her past and it helps her create her future.  She comes to realize her true gifts and how she can use them to fulfill her dharma and live her life more fully and passionately.


How wonderful is to dream and live your dreams passionately and fully? We can all manifest this just by dreaming and spending time living our dreams in our minds that will help bring them to reality.