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Mantra Meditation

Workshop Learn about the ancient and holistic technique of mantra meditation that will help transcend & calm the mind.  Oct. 20th & 27th at 7:30 pm EST. Practice simple mantras that can be used in daily life.  Learn More & Book by Manjula Khanna The word “Mantra” is a Sanskrit term in which “Man” means mind …

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Marla Sukoff – Revolved Triangle

Meet Marla Sukoff, Present Wisdom’s yoga teacher of the month – September 2021. Marla’s Favorite Pose: Parivrtta Trikonasana – Revolved Triangle Why I love Parivrtta Trikonasana ? Parivrtta Trikonasana, Revolved Triangle Pose, is a standing pose that may be challenging for many, but I believe to be very important for all.  Especially in this digital age, …

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Chair Yoga and Meditation now through Punchpass

CREATE A PRESENT WISDOM PUNCHPASS ACCOUNT First, click here, , and consider bookmarking this site so you can easily get back to it in the future! Then, click the blue Create Account button (in the upper right). Enter your login details or use your Google credentials to create your account. You’ll receive an email to confirm, simply click the confirmation …

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Nannette Wasserman – Cow Face Pose

Meet Nannette Wasserman, Present Wisdom’s yoga teacher of the month – July 2021. Nannette shares her favorite yoga pose Cow Face.Nannette’s Favorite Pose: Gomukasana – Cow Face Why I love Gomukhasana? One of my favorite poses is Gomukhasana, an ancient Hatha yoga pose that has been practiced for more than 2000 years. Gomukhasana literally translates as cow face pose. …

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Palma Manners – King Dancer

Meet Palma Manners, Present Wisdom’s yoga teacher of month – June 2021. Palma shares her favorite yoga pose King Dancer. Palma’s Favorite Pose: Natarajasana – King Dancer Why I love King Dancer Pose This pose honors the Lord of the Dance, Nataraja and it embodies grace and beauty. A lot of the work we do …

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Moving to Punchpass

We have moved to Punchpass for class scheduling and bookings. We’ve made the switch to a new online booking system and wanted to share the new link you can use to sign up for classes 😃 *Chair Yoga and Meditation clients do not need to do anything. We will notify you soon when your classes are changed. …

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Barbara Dunn – Goddess

Meet Barbara Dunn, Present Wisdom’s yoga teacher of month – May 2021. Barbara shares her favorite yoga pose Goddess. Barbara’s Favorite Pose: Utkata – Goddess Why Goddess Pose? One of my favorite poses is Goddess.  Utkata translates into powerful, or fierce.  The Goddess pose evokes the idea of wisdom and femininity, balanced with strength and …

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Journey through the Chakras

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