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Gwen Torre

Meet Gwen Torre, a Present Wisdom yoga teacher. Gwen has practicing yoga for over 26 years. She has taken hundreds of hours of workshops and classes, both in Yoga and the overall Fitness Industry. Gwen is a  mother of 3, NYS licensed Special Education and N-6 teacher BS Ed., M.Ed., preschool specialist, and AFAA certified

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Ayurveda 101

Workshop Learn about Ayurvedic philosophy and how to think about it in the modern context, daily routines, basic practices, preventative care, nutrition, at-home remedies for common ailments and MORE. Join Alka & Kirti from Kalya Veda for Ayurveda 101.Tuesday April 26th 7-8:30pm EST  Learn More & Book by Kirti Tewani What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is

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Yoga for Chronic Pain

Workshop Learn to find the thread to connect breath and movement for management of pain. Yoga is defined as to join or unite. When facing pain the synchronicity of breath and movement can be disrupted.  Saturday March 19th 2-3:30pm EST  Learn More & Book by Thomas Assumma The beautiful thing about being human is that we

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Pranayama Yoga

Workshop Learn about the ancient and holistic technique of pranayama yoga for vital life force energy. February 23rd & March 2nd at 7pm EST. Practice simple breathing techniques that can be used in daily life.  Learn More & Book by Manjula Khanna Pranayama Yoga is the ancient practice of controlling the flow of the life force

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