Barbara Dunn – Goddess

Meet Barbara Dunn, Present Wisdom’s yoga teacher of month – May 2021. Barbara shares her favorite yoga pose Goddess.

Barbara’s Favorite Pose: Utkata – Goddess

Why Goddess Pose?

One of my favorite poses is Goddess.  Utkata translates into powerful, or fierce.  The Goddess pose evokes the idea of wisdom and femininity, balanced with strength and power. When I hold the Goddess pose I feel triumphant and in total control.I love to explore the posture by sinking deeper into the lower body, and rising, playing with focus and concentration, control and surrender. From a physical point of view,  Goddess is a squat. It engages and tones the inner thighs, guts, hips, calves and ankles the entire lower body! Engaging and strengthening the pelvic core is another benefit. Goddess also works the arms, core, upper chest and back body as you hold the posture. So much to love in one posture!

How do I take this pose “off the mat”

The Goddess awakens energy, or Shakti and reminds me to tap into my personal energies: strength, love, creativity & compassion –  it’s ok to shine – to be brilliant and fabulous!

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