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Yoga for Runners

Special Class Sunday Sept. 26 at 9:30am Present Wisdom is hosting a special online Yoga for Runners class on Sunday September 26th at 9:30am (EST). We welcome all the participants of the Jamie’s 5k Run for Love charity run that took place on September 19th.  Participants were offered a discount code to take the class …

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Nannette Wasserman – Cow Face Pose

Meet Nannette Wasserman, Present Wisdom’s yoga teacher of the month – July 2021. Nannette shares her favorite yoga pose Cow Face.Nannette’s Favorite Pose: Gomukasana – Cow Face Why I love Gomukhasana? One of my favorite poses is Gomukhasana, an ancient Hatha yoga pose that has been practiced for more than 2000 years. Gomukhasana literally translates as cow face pose. …

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Palma Manners – King Dancer

Meet Palma Manners, Present Wisdom’s yoga teacher of month – June 2021. Palma shares her favorite yoga pose King Dancer. Palma’s Favorite Pose: Natarajasana – King Dancer Why I love King Dancer Pose This pose honors the Lord of the Dance, Nataraja and it embodies grace and beauty. A lot of the work we do …

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Moving to Punchpass

We have moved to Punchpass for class scheduling and bookings. We’ve made the switch to a new online booking system and wanted to share the new link you can use to sign up for classes 😃 *Chair Yoga and Meditation clients do not need to do anything. We will notify you soon when your classes are changed. …

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Barbara Dunn – Goddess

Meet Barbara Dunn, Present Wisdom’s yoga teacher of month – May 2021. Barbara shares her favorite yoga pose Goddess. Barbara’s Favorite Pose: Utkata – Goddess Why Goddess Pose? One of my favorite poses is Goddess.  Utkata translates into powerful, or fierce.  The Goddess pose evokes the idea of wisdom and femininity, balanced with strength and …

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Anne Taylor – Warrior II

Meet Anne Taylor, Present Wisdom’s yoga teacher of month – April 2021. Anne shares her favorite yoga pose Warrior II. Anne’s Favorite Pose: Virabhadrasana II – Warrior 2 Why Warrior II? While it’s easy to “hang out” in Warrior II, proper alignment and engagement in this posture really fires up the whole body! Warrior II …

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Journey through the Chakras

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Benefits of Meditation Key benefits of mediation include; reduced stress and anxiety, increased health (mentally & physically) and happiness, improved sleeping and increased immunity. In addition, meditation improves focus, concentration and self awareness. Through meditation you experience how your mind and thoughts effect your body. A regular practice reduces stress while increasing self relaxation which creates more patience, clarity, …

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